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385 Final Portfolio

Chris Wootton 385 Final Portfolio Project Introduction This project is to explore and create a piece of software focused on fun. This video game is made in the Unity Game Development engine in order to rapidly iterate new ideas for testing. The game, titled "Be The Ball" centers around directly controlling a bouncy ball into target areas. I was directly i nspired by arcade skeeball, the popular video game  "Marble Madness", and direct feedback from my own children on what physical toys they like to play with most. First Iteration Video Demo: It was a bit of a challenge learning unity from scratch, but over time I would learn more and more techniques for getting the game to behave the way I intended. Physical Prototype Revisions and additions (the orange pad is extra bouncy!) were made. Contextual Inquiry A big part of my design was fine-tuning the physics elements of gravity, bounciness, and top speed of the ball