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Aarron playing Roma Fuego


To Oregon!

Today we leave for Oregon, into Portland airport (which I hear is the best one in the U.S.) this early afternoon. The dog saw us packing last night and seemed to know what was going on, he looked sad and was acting more needy than usual. Pictures to follow!

New Meds today, swelling gone down.

Today I started taking some MethylPREDNISolone , which is a hormone that is supposed to reduce swelling and keep my immune system from overreacting. So far, it seems to be working, as today my face was less "nut smuggling chipmunk" looking then yesterday. On an unrelated note, if you use a smart phone, I highly recommend the Lookout  app, it has a lot of nice security features and it is free. Today I read that somebody used it to find his stolen car because his cell phone was inside, police retrieved his car in seven minutes. Here is the Android QR code:

Blog stats are interesting...

So apparently my blog has been viewed by two people in Malaysia. That's interesting, isn't it? Also, traffic to my blog has come from my facebook posts as well as from a website named which makes no sense. Maybe I should write more posts for my target audience, Malaysians in need of a diet. For them, I refer you to nutriWEB Malaysia ! Thanks for reading, people. I will start writing short stories like I used to in high school as soon as I am feeling better. Right now I am doped up on percocet because of my dental surgery (all four wisdom teeth removed). Bye for now.

Band Names (Dino Edish)

I used a photo editor called Gimp. Used it poorly, I might add. Blastodon T-Rezz Compynsating Gangsta Raptor  (I actually found this picture, did not make it myself) Inigo Edmontonia These are probably the worst pictures ever made on the internet. Sorry for that.

Chrome OS Pilot Program

I just applied to be part of the google chrome OS pilot program! I hope I get picked, but I'm not holding my breathe, really. It would be the best Christmas present ever, though! The Chrome OS pilot program can be seen here , for anybody who is interested.

My bat brat pumpkin


Rocktimus Prime