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One Month of Flute: Progress So Far

After playing and practicing an hour a day for one month, I decided now would be a good time to give some initial thoughts and suggestions for anybody else considering taking up the instrument. First of all, I need to address the importance of posture.After playing for an hour a day for just the first two days, I got a really bad pain in my left shoulder, back, and side of my neck. I did not immediately connect the pain with my flute playing but eventually realized how holding up the flute used muscles I was not engaging regularly.The pain was from the expansion of muscles that pressed on a nerve. I experimented with some sitting posture with my flute and found that there is a huge difference if I use correct posture, more specifically putting my legs towards the right instead of straight in front of me. Although the flute is not really heavy, holding it up for long periods of time may cause some pain. I thought this was important enough to share in case anybody decided to practice 4 h