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Agnarr's Disbelief

Agnarr stared in disbelief. Yes, he thought to himself shamefully, I did leave the stove on.

Carrying the Torch

If you happen to be familiar* with the website , you are already aware of that it ended along with the year 2010. I really miss this site. I used to check it as often as possible. When I read the news and see a picture that can be taken out of context, I laugh to myself thinking of what Drew would write. It is for this reason that I shall start posting my own version of the picture comics, which I shall tag wootered . Expect the first one very soon... *If you are not familiar with the site, please check it out and know beforehand that it has nothing to do with poop, it's just photos from the news and around the internet with funny captions.

Ever wonder what makes Old Spice so awesome?

I was curious what comprised the fragrance in old spice (because I want to emulate it in homemade soap) and was surprised to find this: It seems the most powerful scent I can recognize in my classic scent aftershave is the frankensense (an old spice indeed!) and cedar.