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FlutePunk: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Boehm

When I was a teenager, I bought a 5 hole ocarina from Songbird Ocarina . I was a big fan of Ocarina of Time, of course, and I had a budding interest in playing music. I did not have the opportunity to participate in school band, because my tiny school did not have a music program after the band director quit. I wanted to play the flute but was a bit intimidated by the key system in concert flutes, plus there was the issue of who would teach me, how would I afford it, and the classical band scene seemed too pretentious anyway, right? So instead of begging my parents to invest hundreds of dollars they did not have available, I bought the $20 ocarina with a range of one octave (12 notes were more than enough to challenge me). My original ocarina. It was repaired with sugru after a nasty fall. I had a lot of fun with that ocarina. I played Zelda songs, obviously, as well as Christmas songs, anime theme songs, and popular melodies to anyone who wanted to hear them. After a few month