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Dark Patterns Version 2

Smart Lock Security Company, Dark Pattern in Action Introduction The premise of this assignment is to use a dark pattern, a purposeful design that inherently coerce the user to do something they normally wouldn’t do. A good quick example is how after downloading an application, the installation wizard has an “opt out” checkbox to NOT receive emails. The dark pattern here causes the user to do extra work in order not receive emails, and therefore more people will be subscribed than if there was a checkbox to receive emails. We decided to create a faux-security company named Smart Lock to demonstrate a close-to real world example of a dark pattern. Smart Lock is a security company that primarily produces locks for doors, devices and other entrances linked up with secure “key cards” that allow users to be sure. Smart Lock’s main goal is to keep its customers safe. Secondary goals include, convenience for proprietors (vendors of Smart Lock) and a “backdoor authentication” f