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Constructed language based on music

Anyone who is close to me knows about my favorite on-going thought experiment to construct a language based on a simple musical pattern. I originally thought a pentatonic scale would be fitting, due to the easily distinguishable tones and limit of only 5 notes. My idea, when I first toyed around with it, was that this was a language made by a tribe of forest dwelling beings who lacked vocal cords but were of the same intelligence as humans. Therefore, I would prefer my language to have a scale that is more natural than the 12 note chromatic. I have recently discovered a constructed language called Solresol , and a modern revamping of it named Sarus , that uses a 7 note scale. Solresol note range My issue with these languages, though, is that they were not explicitly designed with the intention of being completely musical, one such example is that techniques such as trilling were not incorporated. Additionally, the dictionary for these languages is HUGE and follows gramma